In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during your holiday we can offer you expert advice, and we have a three-step complaints handling process, set out below.

How you complain depends on who your travel complaint is about.

  • If the company is an ABTA Member, we can help with your holiday complaint. Please see more details below.
  • If the company is not an ABTA Member, unfortunately you can’t register the complaint on our website. You’ll need to ask the company what procedures they have for complaints. You can also seek further help from Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • If you have a complaint about an airline, please follow steps 1 and 2 below. If you still can’t resolve the dispute, please contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Before you make a complaint, please see our FAQs, which might answer your question.

Holiday complaints – a step-by-step guide

Please remember, these steps only apply if you’re complaining about an ABTA Member.

Step 1

Send your complaint in writing to the travel company with whom you booked. The company should send you a full response within 28 days. This may settle the complaint. If you speak to the company by phone we advise you to follow it up in writing.

  • If you aren’t satisfied with their response, continue to Step 2. 
  • If the company doesn’t respond within 28 days please complete our online form.
  • If you are due to travel please complete our online form

Step 2

Send a second written complaint to the travel company. Again you should receive a full response within 28 days.

  • If the company’s reply doesn’t satisfy you and you're not happy with the level of holiday compensation being offered, or you feel that you’ve reached deadlock, please go on to Step 3.
  • If the company doesn’t respond to your second letter within 28 days please complete our online form.
  • If your complaint is with an airline and you can’t resolve the dispute after following steps 1 and 2, please contact the CAA.

Step 3

If you’ve already travelled or if your holiday has been cancelled, you will need to send us copies of your booking confirmation invoice and your correspondence with the travel company before we can advise you. Whether your correspondence was by email, by letter or both, please send us all the copies. Please register your complaint with us as well, using our online form.

Please remember, this only applies if you are complaining about an ABTA Member.

If you have used steps 1 and 2 and still not settled your complaint, please complete our online form.

When you submit the form please make a note of the reference number. We will contact you directly, usually within 14 days, and advise you of your options.