The following cases were heard by the Code of Conduct Committee at its meeting held on 17 September 2013:

Airliner Ltd (ABTA No. Y0058 of Argyle House, Joel Street, Northwood Hills, HA6 1NW trading as was found to have breached clauses 5B and 5C of the Code, in that it had not dealt with a client’s complaint within the 28 day time limit and had then not replied in time to ABTA when ABTA investigated the matter. The company was fined £1,600.

Flying Eagles Ltd (ABTA No. J0559/W4017 of 68 George Lane, South Woodford, E18 1LW also trading as was also found in breach of clauses 5B and 5C relating to correspondence with a client and with ABTA. Fines of £500 and £400 were levied.

The Eventa Entertainment Group Ltd (ABTA No. Y2691 of Hanover House, 118 Queens Road, Brighton trading as The Original Stag Company) was reprimanded for breaches of clauses 1A and 6B of the Code. 1A states that Members must provide accurate information to enable clients to make an informed judgement in choosing their travel arrangements, and 6B states that Members must trade fairly, and responsibly, and mustn’t conduct their business in any manner that would bring ABTA or its Members into disrepute.

Stewart Travel Ltd (ABTA No. 56788/W2045 of 7 Main Street, Prestwick, Ayrshire) was fined £500 for a breach of clause 2B, which requires satisfactory booking procedures to be followed, and £400 for a breach of 5B which requires Members to reply to client complaints within 28 days.

Thomas Cook Tour Operations Ltd (ABTA Member V6896 of Thomas Cook Business Park, Peterborough) was found to have failed to offer a client the option of having an alternative or a refund when a significant change occurred to their holiday, and was fined £500 for breaching clause 3E of the Code.