How much luggage can I take on holiday?

    Luggage allowances vary between airlines, you must double check with who you are flying with to confirm what your allowance is.

    Bear in mind, many airlines now charge for checked-in luggage, and with what and how much you take away with you could make a significant difference to the cost of your holiday.

    ABTA tip

    If you are someone who likes to take a lot of stuff on holiday or souvenirs home with you, the traditional full service airlines, which do not always charge for hold luggage and have more generous baggage allowances, can suddenly become much more competitive on price.


    No frills airlines (sometimes called low cost) will always charge for checked-in luggage and generally have the lowest baggage allowances with excess baggage charges if you go over this allowance.

    Think ahead

    If you know you want to check your bag in, it will often be cheaper to pay for this when you buy your ticket, so consider this when you book.

    Weigh your bags before you leave home, you may prefer to leave those spare shoes and swimsuit behind rather than be hit with a hefty excess baggage charge.

    Travelling with just hand luggage

    Most airlines do not charge for hand luggage and if you are only going away for a few days you will be surprised to find that you probably can get by with the contents of a small suitcase.

    Make sure that your luggage does not exceed the size requirements of the airline or you will be forced to check it into the hold and might be charged for this.

    The size requirement will vary between airlines, just because your bag works for one, doesn’t mean it will work for all.

    ABTA tip

    Travelling with only hand luggage can mean that you do not run the risk of your bags being lost or delayed.