I am registered disabled; what information regarding my disability should I give and when?

You should give as much information as possible when you book your travel arrangements.

If you have a disability or a medical condition requiring special travel, accommodation or dietary arrangements, we strongly recommend that you complete our checklist when you make your booking.

If you have any specific needs for equipment or medication, you can use the checklist for this information, too. It can be completed by you, your travel organiser or your travel company. The information you provide will be treated confidentially and will be used only to check that the transport, accommodation and facilities in the destination are right for you.

It all helps to ensure you receive a quality service tailored to your particular needs.

ABTA advice

We have lots of information about travelling with a disability, visit our Go Travel section to find out more.

When making your booking

Make sure inform your travel company of any special assistance requirements you have ASAP.

Make notes of who you have spoken to, when and what you requested, this will help to ensure you have a fantastic holiday! 

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