I have just booked my holiday but I’m unclear who my contract is with, how can I find out?

When you book your arrangements through a travel agent, their job is to place you in contract with a supplier of services, known as the “principal”.

Suppliers can be accommodation-only, a flight provider or a tour operator, depending on what you've arranged with your agent.

Although you've paid the travel agent, this doesn't mean that you've made a contract with them. It's the supplier of the services – the principal – that's contractually bound to supply the travel services you booked.

Once your agent has received the confirmation invoice from the principal, this will be checked and sent to you. If you've booked direct with a supplier (principal), they will give you the confirmation invoice.

ABTA's advice

It's important to keep your paperwork until you've returned from your holiday.

ATOL certificate

You may also receive an ATOL Certificate if your holiday arrangements include flights. This will give you a clear indication of who your contract is with.

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