Top tips for flight bookings

    Airline tickets are an attractive area for fraudsters. Fraudsters will often offer fares that are a lot lower than their competitors which can be a warning sign. It is important to remember to look for whether the agent is an IATA license holder – the majority are and if so they are required to issue tickets immediately on full payment so, insist on being emailed as soon as you have paid – preferably by credit or debit card. A few agents do buy in legitimate tickets from other companies which will have an ATOL license – ask for a confirmation invoice from the ATOL holder supplying the ticket.  In both cases full details of the flights and itinerary should be shown along with a six digit number (the PNR – Passenger Name Record) –  which is the unique id for your flight reservations – check this to make sure your ticket is genuine.

    Applying for a visa or passport – don’t pay ‘extra’!

    Visas are required for many countries around the world for a fee and are usually available online. Many official looking websites will charge you an additional fee whilst adding nothing of value to the process, so always go to the official government website to avoid these extra fees. The correct addresses can be found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s travel advice. This is also a problem for UK passport applications so always go to: www.gov.uk/apply-renew-passport when applying for or renewing your passport.