Claims Management Companies can be very persuasive when encouraging people to submit an exaggerated or false claim and may make some very misleading claims, including that it is a straightforward and risk-free process. This isn’t true. If you put in a fraudulent or exaggerated claim for holiday sickness, you should be aware of the potential penalties:

    Submitting a fraudulent claim is a criminal offence in the UK, which could result in a criminal record and fine.

    Pursuing a fraudulent claim will also be illegal in the country where you took the holiday. These are the penalties in the following popular overseas destinations:

    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Greece
    • Turkey

    In addition to breaking the law, there can be severe financial consequences. A Greek hotel is currently pursuing a counter-claim for £170,000 against a British couple where they have evidence which proves the couple have submitted a fraudulent claim.

    Tour operators and hotels are increasingly aware of the tell-tale signs of fraudulent or exaggerated claims and are taking steps to challenge and defend these claims.