Although cases of food poisoning caused by poor hygiene practice in hotels used by British tour operators are relatively rare, problems can occur. Food poisoning is a serious issue which can cause long term problems and it is very important that it is treated straight away. So if you or anyone in your party falls ill on holiday it is very important that you let your tour operator and the hotel management know immediately. They will then make sure that you get the correct medical attention.

    Notifying the hotel or tour operator immediately also enables them to identify the source of the problem and put in place any necessary hygiene measures. This will ensure that no other holidaymakers have to go through what you have suffered.

    Once you get back to the UK, if you wish to take the case further, contact the tour operator directly. If you are considering submitting a holiday sickness claim through a claims management company be aware that they will take a substantial chunk of any damages awarded.

    If you are not satisfied with the response from your tour operator, contact ABTA to use our Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes. If your tour operator is not a Member of ABTA you can pursue the claim through the Small Claims court.