ABTA is warning holidaymakers of the risks of hiring quad bikes whilst on holiday this summer. People are being urged to remember that while these vehicles may be fun to drive, they are also powerful pieces of machinery that can be extremely dangerous. 

Top tips for holidaymakers:

  • Check your insurance – you may not be covered to hire a quad bike
  • Always wear a protective helmet 
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Stick to enjoying quad biking as part of an organised off-road excursion and don’t use a quad bike on main roads
  • Make sure that you are provided with the appropriate training to operate the vehicle safely
  • Check that the vehicle is in good condition – and do not ride it if you have any concerns
  • Watch your speed
  • Do not allow anyone to ride pillion.

32-year-old Melanie Simmonds suffered serious injuries, following a quad bike accident whilst on holiday in Greece in 2010. After a series of operations, it took 14 months for Melanie to recover from the injuries she suffered, and she is keen to share her experiences so that others are aware of, and can avoid, the potential dangers of riding quad bikes.

We spoke to Melanie about the incident which you can watch below, together with our Quad Bike Safety video.

For further information, see our press release.