Swimming is often part of the holiday experience, both in a swimming pool and the sea.

    Sometimes we're not as prepared for swimming as we could be, so we've teamed up with Royal Lifesaving UK to produce the following tips on swimming safely when you're away and making the most of your holiday!

    • Brush up on your swimming skills before you go away.
    • Children should always be supervised in or near water. If you’ve got kids then get in the water with them.
    • Armbands are a good training aid for children but no substitute for supervision.
    • Read the pool rules before you swim and remember, not all holiday accommodations employ lifeguards.
    • Check where the deep and shallow ends are, especially before jumping or diving in.
    • Check for warning flags and signage on the beach, ask what they mean.
    • Never swim where a sign says not to e.g. in zoned areas for jet boats or jet skis or where the lifeguards have identified as being unsafe.
    • Ask if there are any known dangerous currents or tides and don’t swim if there are.
    • Look out for reefs, rocks, sudden changes in depth.
    • Don’t dive or jump from rocks, piers, breakwaters or poolside furniture.
    • Never swim alone.
    • Never swim at night after drinking alcohol.
    • Know how and where to get help, raise the alarm if you see someone in difficulty.
    • Even if you regularly swim in a pool, open water can be very different with cold water reducing the distance that you can swim significantly.

    We've also produced a couple of videos to emphasise the importance of taking care, visit our Campaign Zone to find out more.