Why you should always book your holidays and trips with our Members – The ABTA Offer

Booking a holiday is an exciting time – a chance to meet new people, discover new places and escape routine. If you’ve booked with an ABTA Member then you’ll be able to relax a little earlier safe in the knowledge that you’ve booked with a reputable travel company. You’ll also be able to take advantage of The ABTA Offer: support, protection and expertise.

The ABTA Offer

Our Offer of support, protection and expertise, means you can have confidence in ABTA; and a strong trust in our Members. These qualities are core to us as they ensure that you remain confident in the holidays and travel experiences that you buy from our Members.

We are able to make this commitment by having our Members abide by the ABTA Code of Conduct, which governs areas such as accurate advertising, fair terms of trading, changes to bookings and managing customer complaints.

How we support you

Our Members manage fantastic experiences for millions of holidaymakers, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you have an issue that you haven’t been able to resolve with one of our Members, we’re here to help resolve it for you. If needed, you’ll get access to our fast, cost-effective and independent complaints resolution service which could save you time, money and hassle.

Booking with our Members means you’ll be able to use a range of our advice services. You can visit our Help pages at any time and you'll find a selection of guidance and information.

How we protect you

Once you’ve planned your holiday you can to relax knowing know that our Code of Conduct means that you can expect high standards from our Members. You’ll also be reassured to know that all package and ‘Flight-Plus’ holidays that have been sold to you in the UK by ABTA Members are protected financially in the event of a company failure. This means that in the unlikely event your travel company goes out of business, we have a quick, clear and simple process for you to follow, so you’ll be able to continue your holiday as planned or get your money back.

Well-known financial protection schemes include ABTA’s own scheme as well as ATOL which covers all flight-based packages. Many ABTA Members also offer additional financial protection for services such as hotels or flights, which may not automatically be protected under a scheme.

If you book your holiday from outside the UK, this protection won't apply but other schemes may apply. 

Always ask your travel company about the type of financial protection it has in place.

The expertise we offer to you

We provide expert help and advice for holidaymakers. We work with the Foreign Office and with destinations all over the world so we know what is happening and when. It means we can provide around-the-clock expert advice in a crisis.

We are also here to help you understand your rights; for example, if your flight is cancelled or delayed, or if government travel restrictions are announced which affect your holiday plans.

More Information

Booking with our Members means we'll be behind you, supporting you with the ABTA Offer, allowing you to always travel with confidence.

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